Horticultural Management System | Municiple

Municipalities count on us to be a long term partner that communities trust.  Since live we in the communities in which we serve, we can provide a local perspective. We work hard to help the communities we live in deliver a safe, healthy and thriving urban forest. We deliver timely solutions and flexible resources when municipalities need it.  Municipalities count on HMS to reduce risk and provide effective solutions that protect and enhance the value of the community’s investments.

Why HMS? 

Horticultural Management System’s highly trained staff has both the experience and the cutting edge technology necessary to help you succeed in managing and understanding your urban forest. Whether you need precise data of your forest, management plans, specific specifications, or an education strategy, our customized services will provide essential resources that will help you achieve your goals.

Our services include:

  • HORTUS Community

    • GIS-based public tree inventories

    • Management plans

    • Master urban forestry plan

    • Risk management plan

    • Tree replacement plan

  • Consulting Urban Forester

  • Consulting Urban Forester

  • Consulting for street trees and training

  • Storm damage assessment and emergency response plans

  • Project specifications

  • Bid package preparation

  • Asset management

  • Tree risk management plan

  • I-tree project coordination and analysis